So, why this blog? And what exactly is it about?

Well, I decided some time ago I needed to keep my writing skills sharp. And sharpen them even more. So, I will work on this blog minimally 20 minutes a day. That won’t necessarily mean a post every day, but it will mean I will keep myself active. It will be about anything I feel about writing. I am interested in international politics, I love nerdy stuff like history and sciences, and I work hard on getting the kittens next door to be friends with me so I can pet them. So if one day I write about the Irish economy in crisis one day, ruminations on the Sumerian language and possible Dravidic origins of the Elamites the next day, followed by a gushy post about Bianca the brave mother of four kittens… That means I ramble. Which is something I like to do. And this blog will be all about rambling. Hopefully my rambling posts will be interesting enough to keep you reading!