“Neglect” is such an ugly word…

by gonzotrooper

Dearest blog of mine. I’m sorry. I haven’t been seeing you as much as I should. And it’s not you. It’s me. As you sat like a wallflower while I went about flirting with Facebook and whatnot… I am so sorry. Now, when I started you up, I promised I would spend at least 20 minutes a day on you. Now, the last post was almost a year ago. And it was my (so far) last one on Thai history, culture and general trivia. So a debt of honour motivated me into dedicating a year of monthly posts to Thai history (“at gunpoint” also is an ugly expression) on you.

Has nothing interesting happened since then?

Well no, actually quite a lot has happened. A new job (of which I will say nothing here so that’s out), new friends, and new projects…

I’ve met a brilliant author lately, who inspired me and motivate me to keep writing. I’ll tell you more about her later.

A Brazilian surrealist exhibition in Oslo, with my nephew. (Yes, I have a nephew now, but more on him and modern art later).

Also, I’ve discovered some OH WAIT, OUR TIME IS UP! Oh dear that was 20 minutes.

Well, more tomorrow! Til then…