A little piece of Thai history: Father Rules Children

by gonzotrooper

So, once more into the breach paying my debt of honor to my anonymous Savior! Seriously, if you don’t know the drill by now, read my last post. Where I explain how I got an interest free loan,  an as part of the repayment writes a post on Thai history monthly. Annnd IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN, FOLKS!

Huh. I guess I just gave you an introduction explaining why I couldn’t be bothered writing an introduction. Once again my laziness is foiled by my s anybody. ANd if anybody were trsassing it was the jtupidity. That’s how it goes. Anyway, today I want to write about the Thai royal person. As well as containing stories about rally crossing princes  and  pictures in the bathroom, I will explain why a guy born in Massachusets is the most loved guy in Thailand… With a story about a boardwalk.

ltaNow, I have written some about the story of the ruling dynasty of Thailand previously, and disregarding dangers of spoiler to future posts, let me cut ahead to the present: They’re still around. Of couthe family is big enough to have several factions in it by now and still get by, but it is in principle the same dynasty.

ving in ThailandSo, the bathroompicture. I was at a party in a Scandinavian country, with  a good friend from Thailand. She was shocked an surprised when she saw a picture of the local king and his queen ate bathroom. “That is… Seriously, that’s Lese Majeste!” She blurted out. My Scandinavian friends explained this was the custom in the North… The royal family is basically, well,family there.  Not so in Thailand! They are revered. Yes, they are considered ordinary people. In fact one of them,  Prince Burim wa asuccessful rally car racer (see? I did mention that as well) and most if not all were educated in the West. As well as the current monarch, king Bumibhol wa born in Massachuseth when his father was studying medicine there. Eventually he returned  to thailand, became the longest reigning monarch ever, and I could go on about all the coups he survived, the coup attempts he stopped, but I’ll just go with one story:

In Southern Thailand, there is a calm little tourist village. Along hte beach there is a boarbwalk. Tourists lounge around, getting cheap souvenisr and drinks. On the other side there was a street full of hotels. So one day these hotels decided to expand their outdoor serving area to the boardwalk. And incidentally chasing away all the ocal vendors… Now this often happens, but what happended next was something that happens in Thailand. And only in Thailand. The king contacted them. Personally. And made it very clear that they were encroaching on his land. As in THAILAND was his GODAMMED land, and the people selling stuff were his subjects as well as anybody. In fact THEY were trespassing! THe hotel owners and generic rich guys got the esage and pulled back.

The moral here? The king is god as far as Thas are concerened. And it goes the other way around. He cares about his subjects enough to intervene when he hears about abuses. And hedoes not ask nicely. He TELLS you. And if youre living in Thailand you obey. And he doesnot hang in the bathroom, he hangs in thee living room.