A Wakeup Call to My Self

by gonzotrooper

So… Looking at my blog now, I realize a sobering truth: Since my ambitious start last summer, I have failed miserably in the sole ambition of this blog: To spend 20 minutes a day scribbling on it. And I mean, I gave my self permission to write about ANYTHING here! Politics, science, Lego Star Wars toys for Pete’s sake… And all I have done in half a year it seems is writing off debts monthly with blogs about Thai history. And even that one got tardy for a while…

(Well actually the Thai posts have been more regular after my friends did no t in any way send enforcers who absolutely never threatened me with atomic wedgies  if I got late in my payments, so I am now a new and reformed man on those…)

So, this is me showing off my limberness by giving myself a swift kick in the rear, and promising a new, exciting and completely pointless post tomorrow. Stand by!